Frequently Asked Questions

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A | Our name speaks to both the attributes of our product and the process of application—it’s also meant to be memorable. As the name suggests, we create innovative products to make what was impossible (cementitious flying pigments), possible.

A | The application of a finish onto block, brick or concrete has been an obstacle for many years. The substrate itself is complicated and finishes often bubble or peel when water builds up behind them. Our product is low-VOC (<20g/L), UV resistant, and is purposely designed to scavenge and use the water to its benefit providing a unique solution to a difficult problem.

A | The Flying Pig Coatings line of exterior coating is designed for both new construction projects as well as renovation projects. Our customers include architects, designers, builders, contractors and pro applicators.

A | We sure do. We’re happy to provide you with client case studies to show how we can make pigs fly.

A |No, we are manufacturers.

A | We do not, but we do recommend a professional applicator and have a running list on our website.

A | Place orders directly with Flying Pig Coatings (call, email or via your sales rep) OR through a pro applicator.

A |We proudly manufacture our product in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

A | No; however, we have arranged with Arcat to provide specification services to our clients. We have specifications defined and are currently working with architects and designers to qualify our product.

A | We cultivate partnerships with industry experts. Our partners include architects, chemists, designers, builders, contractors, pro applicators, colorists, etc.


A | Our product is a block filler, primer and finish coat all in one. Our formulation converts moisture to create enhanced strength and durability helping to reduce maintenance. Our product goes on thin, meets critical ASTM requirements, and reduces material usage and labor costs.

A | Accelerated tests give us the confidence to provide a 5-year 100% product replacement warranty. As our accelerated testing and field results continue, we will have a more quantifiable answer.

A |Yes! We’re happy to share case studies of client projects to show how we can make pigs fly.

A | Our coating is designed to allow a substrate to breathe – allow water vapor to leave the substrate while at the same time exceeding wind-driven rain tests.

A | Cement uses water to build strength and durability; the cement in our technology uses water in combination with cement and polymer to scavenge and leverage water in the design.

A | Our applied material has passed ASTM mandrel bend testing to 1/8”, the lowest tested bend criteria in the industry.

A | Our product’s ability to hide is equal to or greater than most products in the industry.

A | Our product functions as a coating, not a stain, offering very good coverage over existing colors.

A | As with any paint or coating, rust and embedded metal is an issue. Proper treatment is critical before application and is dependent on the metal and condition.

A | No. Our first technology has been created for use on vertical surfaces and is not formulated for the unique needs of horizontal surfaces.


A | From an application perspective you will find few differences:

  • Begin the application process sooner after power washing and apply the second coat much sooner than with other products.
  • Because the product is cement based, extra care must be taken in cleaning the equipment.

A | For best results, apply only when both surface and ambient temperatures are above 50° F (10° C) and below 100° F (38° C).

A | Our product is only as good as the surface it is applied to. Proper surface preparation to remove dirt, oils and loose coatings is required to assure a proper bond.

A | Our product meets ASTM standards for wind-driven rain and water vapor permeance with one coat; however, every building is unique and requires evaluation. Because it’s an all-in-one system, we find our product requires one less coat than comparable systems.

A | 7 hours following mixing of two-part system.

A | @ 75°F, 50% RH: To touch in 20-minutes, recoat in 1 hour.

A | Our product touches up well. Please contact us for touch-up tips based on your project/need.

A | We offer in-person training seminars and online video training sessions. We also offer certification programs for jobsite foremen.

A | You’ll need a gas or electric airless sprayer able to meet or exceed a pressure of 2200-3300 psi.

A | Our product has been designed to work with airless spray systems. Due to the material, flushing the system after use is critical to maintaining equipment. Details are in our literature and covered during training sessions.

A | Our system is designed to be applied using a standard airless spray system such as a Graco 695 or greater. For best results we recommend using our double-helix mixer and stand.

A | Total investment is less than $2,000 and includes stand, electrical, mixer and dual-helix blades. The mixing system helps streamline mixing and assure a good mix on the jobsite.

A | You can; however, our product blends a powder and liquid requiring a more consistent approach. To assure consistency, we recommend very specific hardware.


A | Yes, we recommend a 1/2” nap or thicker roller.

A | Our current palette is limited to Iron Oxide pigments to assure extremely low VOC and reduce fading. Future palettes are in the works.

A | A clear version is not yet available in our 20-color palette.

A | At this time we do not; however, our plan is to offer matching within our pigment range.

A | We offer two shades of white based on the limitations of our raw material. We will continue to stretch our technology to achieve a broader range of whites.

A | Sheen is the gloss level of the coating. Our product is designed as a flat with an extremely low sheen.

A | Texture is fixed; however, application plays a key role. Back rolling can increase the texture.

A | Yes. We have a sample kit with accurate color samples sprayed on a cement board substrate. For the most accurate samples, we will replicate on the client’s building and/or a sample of the actual structure substrate.


A | Place orders directly with Flying Pig Coatings (call, email or via your sales rep) OR through a pro applicator.

A | 150 to 200 ft. per gallon (2.45 to 3.93 m2/L)

A | Yes, absolutely. We will notify you when your order is ready for pick up.

A | 1 year (12 months)

A | Yes. Unopened material can be returned for credit.

A | For our current pricing please give us a call.

A | Total investment is less than $2,000 and includes stand, electrical, mixer and dual-helix blades. The mixing system helps streamline mixing and assure a good mix on the jobsite.

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