Flying Pig Coatings® is a Michigan-based formulator (in-house lab), designer (in-house chemist), manufacturer and distributor of innovative architectural and protective finish products.

Our Story
Every great invention starts with a problem to solve. For pro installers, architects and building owners it was nearly impossible to get a durable finish on exterior cement or brick walls. So we began the hunt for a unicorn product and discovered it didn’t exist.

After years of trial and error to create our own product, we had our breakthrough moment: Our in-house cement chemist invented a first-to-market formula with patent-pending technology.
Inspired by the fact that this unique coating could literally fly (it’s a sprayable pigment), Flying Pig Coatings was born.
Differentiating ourselves in a saturated industry is important to us. We love digging into the process, building relationships, shaping the industry. And if there is a hog heaven, we hope to get inside the pearly gates because of our reputation for doing things right, for the right reasons.

In the meantime, we’re here to inspire and inform:
Pigs can fly.
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