Flying Pig Exterior Coating is designed for long-term durability and protection. Accelerated external tests give us the confidence to provide our 5-year 100% product replacement warranty. They allow you to confidently specify Flying Pig Coatings® for your next commercial project. As our accelerated testing and field results provide new product insights, we will share the results and look to extend our warranty period.

Scientists and chemists at KTA-Tator, Inc. (KTA) coating laboratory independently test Flying Pig Exterior Coating using ASTM International standards and procedures.

Wind-Driven Rain
Water Vapor Permeance
Mandrel Bending
  • ASTM D522-method B | Mandrel bending results achieved at one coat at the lowest measurable dimension of 1/8th inch.
Salt Fog Exposure
  • ASTM B117-16 | Salt Fog Exposure results after 300 hours achieved no delamination or blistering.
Dry Fall Testing
  • ASTM D7868 | Dry Fall test results achieved dry fall characteristics of 4-DB at 2 ft.
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